Episode 700 – Nov 24 2017

Jazz Boulevard Radio Show celebrates a milestone with episode #700. Way back in 2004, specifically Friday, June 11th, episode #001 was broadcast live on a small community radio station in Montreal.

The show had a 2-hour midnight time slot. And for many years the show continued live, and often artists would make the effort to be there Friday nights at midnight for interviews about new albums, shows, etc.

It was impossible to image then, that there would be a day that episode #700 would be broadcast.

Along the way, Live was replaced with pre-recorded, and eventually the show moved away from that small station (when the station started to destabilize under financial pressures) and began syndication to community stations across Canada.

Today, multiple stations air the show, and a robust audience has discovered the show on the internet. And each episode continues to mix classic tracks with the latest releases from the very vibrant jazz world.

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