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JAZZ BOULEVARD is produced in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and syndicated through the National Campus & Community Radio Association (NCRA) for broadcast on CRTC-licensed community radio stations. For years now, podcasting has allowed people who missed their favorite broadcasts, or couldn’t stay for the whole program, to listen to the program whenever they want on their home computer via the internet (and now via smartphones and mobile computing) – what VHS/BETA did for TV shows, podcasting has done for radio shows.

Radio Podcasts are simply mp3 files – the better the audio quality of the file, the bigger it gets. Currently, JAZZ BOULEVARD episodes are approximately 83MB in size (for tech-heads: encoded at 96kbps-stereo, on a scale of 16 to 320kbps).

ITUNES PODCASTING: The internet’s iTunes Store has a seemingly endless list of radio show podcasts available FOR FREE! And JAZZ BOULEVARD can be found there. For people using iTunes (whether on Windows or Apple computers) simply click the [Subscribe on iTunes] button on the right and follow the options to subscribe to the program using  iTunes.

NON-ITUNES SOFTWARE: There are other options besides the ITUNES program for subscribing to weekly podcasts and it may be necessary to manually copy the podcast ‘address’ (called the RSS feed) into whatever software you are using to subscribe to the show. In that case, the address/RSS Feed you need to copy is:


PODCASTING: However you subscribe to a podcast, once subscribed – after that everything is automatic and simple. Whatever program you are using, as soon as it detects that there is a new episode available in the program’s address/RSS feed (your software automatically checks for new episodes), the new show will be downloaded into your computer or mobile device. Presto!

Of course, recent episodes can also be played back directly from this website – just click on the PODCASTS link above for a list of available shows, and use the built-in player.

Did you know ‘podcasting’ is a mashup of the words iPod and Broadcast – when it began people often listened to podcasts on their iPods, a popular device at the time … hence iPod + Broadcasting = PodCast. To learn more about podcasting, check out these links on wikipedia: podcast podcatchers